Complex assessments and high intensity care plans

Where your choices and our experience meet

Getting the assessment right, supports your plan with the overall objective of reaching personal goals. An important step in holistic wellbeing! Our team will spend one on one time with you and any members of your care team you request, to map out the services you need to get to where you want to be in wellness. The combination of your choices plus our experience results in a powerful service plan – the perfect collaboration.

Assessment types

  • Urinary Continence Assessment
  • Bowel Dysfunction Assessment
  • Depression Anxiety Stress (DASS21) Assessment
  • Skin Integrity Assessment
  • Psychogeriatric Assessment Scales Assessment
  • Wound Assessment

Care Plans

  • High Intensity Care Plans
  • General Care Plans

The experience

For the participant

Inviting someone you don’t know into your home to talk about your personal needs is a daunting thing! As you can imagine, nurses have seen and heard it all before, so there is zero judgement and loads of experience to lean on through the Assessment and Care Plan stages.

Our Nursing and/or support team will meet up with you face to face and talk through your goals. Any advocates or family members you want in attendance is encouraged. Our team will ask ALOT of questions with the goal of; getting to know you, any cultural or personal context and, most importantly, your goals. We get into the detail of your preferences for your care, so have a think about the small details that make you relax and the things that make you uncomfortable, and share them with us.

For any participants planning on using the TripleCN Community Nursing and Support Services, the assessment is part of the onboarding process. If you have any questions, liaise with our team via, call us on 02 4954 5842 or drop in for a chat.

For the service provider

Our team undertake assessments and create care plans that you can stand behind with confidence. The details are important, our plans drill into equipment required, alerts and escalation plans as well as basic needs. Once the plan has been reviewed, a copy is supplied to the participant and the provider. Our team holds the original copy for version control and are always available to re-assess and make changes as requested. Our systems have privacy and confidence top of mind.

Our TripleCN Team